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The “Good Trouble”

Discovery – Design & Implementation – Delivery

The late civil right activist and US Representative, John Lewis, once said that “Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble”. He was, of course, referring to a much larger cause of social (in)equality in the United States and how voicing out, while often troublesome is necessary for a better future.

While Chord X does not have the same lofty ideals, our ambition to contribute to Green Shipping through product that complements our users’ daily life, has just about the same kind of challenges – albeit with obvious differences. We are dedicated to developing products that are central to the User Centric Design (UCD) philosophy so that it compliments what our users want to accomplish. A large part of what is intangible that goes into developing a digital product is the “necessary trouble” of paying attention to all aspects of users’ needs and wants.


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