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Key Factors of Success

To be commercially successful, Ships need to be operational for as long as possible, ideally 24 hours per day and 365 days per year.

Keeping these large maritime assets running in a dynamic environment, as unforgiving as the world’s oceans, is possible only after seamless collaboration by different teams on board and ashore.

To assist and augment human capacity and capability, technologies such as IoT, are changing the way ships were operated in past. By deploying the connected sensors to the biggest machinery onboard (Main Engine), Chord X, not only provides remote monitoring to its customers, but also power-up, the whole new insights and analytics, which actually differ from asset to asset, and changes with suit of varying parameters.

This in turn assists the industry players to reduce fuel consumption, emissions, and maintenance costs by predicting breakdowns, maintenance schedules and problems, before they become critical, thereby reducing the downtime. Having this transmitted to the cloud, arms the shore team with insights into the ship’s operational health and efficiency. Chord X believes in collaborative contribution and creating synergies in the maritime ecosystem.

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