Innovation is in Chord X DNA.

We believe in innovating together with our customers to deliver solution that fully meets their needs and more.
Explore our innovations that we have created together for specific use cases.

Strategic innovation to focus on value-added collaboration

Innovation is in Chord X DNA.

It’s what allows us to offer digital solutions that fully meet all our customers’ needs. We believe in putting innovation at the heart of its strategy and it is a major competitive asset that sets us apart from the competition

XR – Experience a new way of working in an engine room

Introducing our XR concept where we layer our analytics over augmented reality technology to visualise entire ecosystem in the engine room and change the way you maintain your asset. This takes your asset supervision to the next level, and improves the accuracy of your machinery troubleshooting as we enable both computer and human expertise to synergise seamlessly.

XR - Go Further

Changing routines on a ship and Developing human-engine interaction

IThe arrival of digital technologies and the ability to collect new data are now enabling us to explore new avenues of progress that create value. The use of augmented reality for example allow us in setting up an entire ecosystem around human-engine dialogue.

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