What Chord X Solutions can do for the shipping industry?

Are Decarbonisation Solutions suitable for your fleet?

Are Decarbonisation Solutions Suitable for Your Fleet?

Green Transition

Accelerate decarbonatisation through strategic investments.

Green Economy

Provide a fair economy that empowers everyone.

Sustainable Energy Consumption

Set an end date for government fossil fuel subsidies.

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    Chord X Technology

    What is ecoMax?

    Measures and analyses your fleet’s emissions and fuel consumption, day in, day out.

    Our emissions module supports you in regulatory reporting compliance, enables increased oversight of your fleet’s consumption, and proactively recommends changes that you can make to improve your efficiency.

    What is optiMax?

    Measures and analyses your fleet’s machine parameters, in real-time.

    Our operational module assesses your fleets component’s machine performance in a continuous manner, providing you with accurate and predictive insights. This helps you avoid unplanned downtime, minimises your energy consumption, and safeguards your fleet’s operational efficiency.

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