Industry Solutions


Chord X core solution is for shipping application.


The GHG Emissions Rating is a systematic and transparent means of comparing the relative efficiency of the world’s shipping fleet.

By applying the sustainability measures recommended by Chord X, you strengthen your market position.

Learn how to achieve your decarbonisation goals faster & more efficiently with Chord X Solutions – ecoMax and optiMax.

Oil & Gas

Chord X has ongoing research and projects with specific customers to apply our technology into the Oil & Gas industry application.

Oil & Gas

We all want to be climate neutral. And we want to work together to gradually decarbonise the oil and gas sector.

Work faster with the complete measurement software for oil and gas measurement software. Learn more about Decarbonising energy, one step at the time, with Chord X O&G Solutions

Smart City

Chord X has plans to expand our technology into Smart City application.

Smart City

Smart cities will enhance quality of life and reduce emissions. In the cities of tomorrow, infrastructure must be more efficient and environment-friendly. Green solutions. Sustainable development. Green technology. Green shipping.