Chord X is a data analytics company

Thoughts from Chord X CEO

Tomorrow, everything will be sustainable.

Our Mission

Asset optimization through data insights.
We augment data to bring harmony between people and machines. Our solutions contribute to a sustainable future.

Chord X Milestones

Our Milestones

Our Management

Discover our management team.

Enrique Gallar

Head of Product

Enrique is an advocate for the widespread implementation of artificial intelligence in the maritime industry and a champion of sustainable practices.

Hong Tin Wei

Head of Business

More than 15 years in shipping & offshore assets investment.

He is a staunch believer in Industrial 4.0 and the possibilities that it brings to traditional industries.

Mohit Sabharwal

Head of Operations

With more than 2 decades of marine experience, Mohit leads our Marine Operations team. He is passionate about contributing towards Digitisation of Shipping and believes in its capability to change the industry fundamentally.

The Team

We Value the Person is our Core Belief

Senior Advisor
Senior Advisor
Senior Advisor
Martinn Can
Senior Advisor
Senior Advisor

Chord X Milestones

A better way forward

We are innovating passionately to make the industries more environmentally friendly. Our priority and firm commitment is to offer our customers uncompromising quality.

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